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Frequently Asked Questions

Call us or email us to find out why you should apply through us!!!

Yes, as an international student,  you must have IELTS or TOEFL. Please contact us to find out the scores required for the college and program of your choice.  Some institutions also accept other English tests, and please contact us to find details

All programs will require you to complete high school (grade 12) to apply, and if you wish to apply for a postgraduate program, you must also have a three or four-year degree or a post-secondary diploma program (depending on which plan you want to use for)

Our qualified staff will help you find a program that fits your previous studies and your future career goals.

To begin with the application process, you will be required to submit a copy of your official academic mark sheets (Grade 10 & 12, and degree mark sheets for each year if you have completed a degree). Once we receive this, we will review your application. A consultant will contact you regarding submitting any additional documents that depend on the program you are applying for and the university you wish to attend.

There are September, January, and May intakes offered.

The sooner you apply, the better for you due to the demand. The programs get full very quickly.

Typically you should hear back in 2-4 weeks from the time we receive all your documents for your application. If this takes longer, we will let you know why the delay by liaising on your behalf with the College/University about your application status. We will keep you updated with your application status all the time as it progresses.

Yes, it will be required to pay a deposit by the date of the deadline, ensuring the spot being held for you in the program for which you received the offer.

Yes, you will be required to pay fees for one year (two semesters) to apply for your student visa.  At the same time, our staff will guide you to open a GIC account required to apply for a student visa under the SDS stream.

As soon as you have paid your fees, please have your account for GIC opened. The next step will be to get your student visa file ready with staff assistance from our office.

You will require a valid passport for your entire length of stay outside of the country. Please ensure to check the dates of visa validity on your passport before leaving.

Yes, our staff will be assisting you in applying for a student visa

You are allowed to work up to 20 hours/week on a student visa 

You will be paying for your health coverage with your tuition fees. You should get coverage for the travel time since you will not have coverage from the time you leave your country till you arrive at your university/college.

Most of the universities allow a deferral for one year if you have a valid reason (some restrictions may apply to selected programs)

CAN – Covid statement

Covid – 19 changed the entire world, our lives, our work, our outlook towards life, our social life, everything. The only thing that has not changed is our service to our clients.
We are here to serve you while we all are trying our best to adjust to this changed life and keeping us and everyone around us safe.
We are grateful that you trust our services and contact us for solutions to your questions.
Our staff is assisting you in the same ways while working remotely. Let’s all get through this together, and we shall overcome it one day.