Studying in Canada with the help of CAN Educational Consultants was one of the best educational and life decisions I have made. Here in Canada, all of us "The CAN Education students" and the staff are like one big family, away from home. I could not have asked for more, they go beyond the call of duty to help the international students!!!! I will treasure my relationship with CAN Ed staff for the rest of my life.
Amandeep Singh
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Thank you so much CAN Education Consultants for helping me out with my application. The experience I had at Mohawk was amazing and the assistance I got from you was very helpful. Thanks to everyone.
Mandeep Tagger
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Thank you CAN Education Consultants. You made the application process simple and concise experience, the guidance I received from you was great source of help to me and my unconvinced parents. After talking to your staff, my parents were satisfied with my decision to study in Canada right after completing my High School.
Arshdeep Singh Chatha
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Canada is Wonderful!!I love the city of Hamilton and the people here are very friendly. It's also great to be studying with a great group of Canadians and other international students. I just wanted to Thank CAN Educational Consultants, how much I appreciate their assistance and guidance in every step of my application process, right from the beginning, till I arrived and settled in Canada. Thanks very much!
Simran Kaur
Mohawk College 2012
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I highly appreciate the way CAN Education Consultants held seminars in India for instructing the students how to apply the case for student visa and under which program. This team instructed me well enough and I got the offer letter as soon as possible. Now I am in Canada doing my studies.
Luvleen Hothi
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I was really satisfied with the work of CAN Education Consultants team and even the SPP program under which this team instructed me to apply the case for the student visa in Canada. I got the offer letter within few days, and I got my visa within 10 business days. Now I am here in Sheridan College (Canada) studying Electronic Engineering Technician (PEETN) and I would recommend other students also who would like to carry on their further studies in Canada to consult this team.
Jaspreet Nijjar
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Thank you so much CAN Ed Consultants for helping me out with my application.The experience I had at Mohawk was amazing and the assistance I got from you was very helpful. Thanks to everyone, I now have a position with a travelling company after completing my travel and tourism diploma at Mohawk.
Sandeep Singh Bal
Mohawk College 2009
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"Angels are watching over you when times are good or stressed. Their wings wrap gently around you, whispering you are cared and blessed."After reading these lines only one name comes to my mind that is, "CAN Education Consultants". CAN Ed staff were like an angel for me. Everybody has their own dreams for their life, but we always need the right guidance at the right time. That is what CAN Ed group did for me. I will always thankful to CAN Ed staff for helping me, giving me guidance and for giving me love and care just like my parents.
Bhawandeep Kaur
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It was my dream to study in Canada.I was looking for a perfect person who could help me to live my dream. Then I found Can Education Consultants and that was the day when i took the first step toward my dream. Since that day Can Education Consultants guided me step by step to achieve my goal. They prepared my file in such a perfect way that I got my Visa in 12 days. Then I was given a warm welcome at the Pearson airport. I was provided with documents I needed. They arranged me a apartment to live, help me open a bank account and all other important things that I needed in this strange country that I knew nothing about. I completed my studies back in April 2010 and now have a valid work permit. It all happened because of Can Education Consultants team. Thanks for making my dream come true.
Harbans Singh
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